Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's Sure Been a While....

Hey Readers,

Sorry for the delay in posting, but a lot has happened this summer: been giving more private cooking classes, at-home cooking parties for children & adults and hosting a few group classes in NYC. Also, a friend passed on a job opportunity she had heard about at the Westside Campaign Against Hunger, I applied and am now a full time chef/chef instructor there! Not to mention I am currently wrapping up another fabulous teen cooking class at the Sylvia Center.

So what does this all mean in terms of A Pinch of Salt? Nothing since I finish WSCAH early in the day so I still have evenings free and weekends available so keep your request for classes coming! In fact, may be hosting a group cooking class Saturday, Oct 8th around 6pm. Theme? Latin! Will post menu and more details early next week!

I promise to continue to share with you some of the great things that been going on, and explain WSCAH in more detail. Point is the summer has been good and I have tons to be thankful for, I hope yours has been equally as fruitful!

Speak next week, Happy Cooking!
Chef Raquel